PES Helpdesk

We provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio management service during the length of the contract. This entails:

⦁    changes of tenancy management – site closures and opening and contract additions
⦁    metering – contracting, meter installations, meter removals, meter capping, meter readings, data collections,

      smart  metering, sub-metering
⦁    capacity management
⦁    energy efficiency 
⦁    portfolio queries

All the queries raised by the client (or us on their behalf) are logged into an interactive queries management portal PES Helpdesk where they can track the queries, add comments, see all the related documents, replies and comments from the suppliers and other parties involved in the query resolution. This portal shows the dates and times, so it is easy for a client to track how long the query takes and whether we are compliant with the SLA.

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