It is important that our clients receive the level of reporting that meets their individual requirements.


To facilitate this, we provide them with the bespoke reporting and the online reporting.

Online reports can be accessed 24/7 on our portal that we offer to every client as a standard service:













The clients can choose from several types of basic reports: consumption & expenditure, budget reports, cost comparison reports and they can choose if they want to check the reports on screen only or want to send them to their email, they can choose the sites as well as billing periods.







Bespoke reporting is set up as either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the types of the reports and the clients’ needs. All the reports are provided in a format requested by the client and can be delivered in the hard copy or via email on an agreed date by your dedicated point of contact.

Once a year, we advise our clients on participating on the Annual Meeting. These tend to be towards the end of financial years as we summarise the year, review our cooperation and set target for a year ahead. 

We have several levels of reporting packages offered to our clients. We are monitoring all the types of the meters across the clients’ whole portfolios. The most used reports by our clients are as follows:


This summary report shows consumption and expenditure for each site and it is presented in numerical and graphical format for easy evaluation. These reports provide a breakdown of each band of energy consumption, the total consumption, CCL charges, average prices and total charges. We deliver them in format requested by the client on a regular basis accompanies with the written Summary Analysis.


We work closely with Finance Teams to set budgets for their utilities to avoid any anomalies, which we then subsequently track on a month to month basis as per example below:









Our systems collect half-hourly data that we can use to present the patterns, savings and exceptions on each individual site per half an hour. The fastest savings we have observed is by Monthly Exceptions Reporting where we provide a client with a report on a site per site basis, night per night spent and difference to the baseload which helps to spot the offenders whether it is a human factor or machinery.


These can usually be rectified without any need for investment which provides clients with a very popular cost saving exercise.

As this in-house created report saved one of our clients £600,000 on electricity cost within 12 months, we were awarded an industry recognition prize Industry Expert of the Year in year 2017.



















We provide clients will full mandatory carbon reporting that we can provide in a form that suits the most to the client’s needs and requirements.



Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a report we provide in-house, we deliver a fully-compliant piece for the client on the annual basis.


F          ESOS

As most of our clients need their Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance submitted every 4 years, we have a portfolio of fully-qualified Lead  Assessors that will guarantee a successful compliance report that will help you to not only pass the audit, but also provide needed savings opportunities data

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